Intelligently designed,
meticulously applied.


Tailor Inc. is a property and retail business, formed by a merger between New Zealand’s leading design and project management people.

The fundamental underlying question behind any merger must be, why?

You’ll find the answer in the name: by bringing together the combined experience and insight of AND, PCG, Consolido and Springboard, we’ve created a retail design and project management business where the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Tailor has been custom-designed with an absolute dedication to creative and management excellence.

We look for conceptual alignment between ourselves and our clients; a shared intellectual passion for the project. When you work with Tailor, we will ensure your project is bespoke-engineered from the outset to succeed.

Our people.

As with our clients, Tailor seeks excellence and exception in its team members. We are not just design people and project management people. We share a dedication to distinction, a love of the unexpected and a streak of cheekiness. This is reflected in our interactions and creations.

Martin Skinner

Managing Director

Adrian Nancekivell

Creative Director

Blair Wolfgram

Strategic Director

Helois Ehlers


Andy Sutton

General Manager Tauranga

Frank Duiz

Senior Project Manager

Chris Lambert

Senior Project Manager

Elliott Taylor

Senior Project Manager

Michael Stilwell

Project Manager

Kenny Ro

Project Manager

Emily Davies

Assistant Project Manager

Harrison Sutton

Project Assistant

Elle Brier

Tenancy Coordination Project Administrator

Ursula Navarro

Director of Design

Mabel Gong

Senior Designer

Max Johnson


Tim Voss


William Oades


Elham Hasanzadeh

Commercial Interiors and Workplace Specialist

Kate Villers

Office Manager

Robina Bhola